Shopping In West Chelsea

Shopping In West Chelsea

If you talk to anyone who lives in the new condos in West Chelsea, chances are they will tell you that this is the place to live. The amenities that comprise the neighborhood make it ideal for so many activities. From the High Line Park to the Chelsea Market, West Chelsea has access to it all. In fact, living in West Chelsea makes such mundane things appear as so much more. This is certainly true of shopping.

Distance – What Distance?

If you live in West Chelsea, it is easy to find and purchase what you want. No matter what your need, there is a store or specialty shop nearby, ready to serve you and fulfill all your basic and particular needs. Big or small, you can find it all within easy walking distance. If necessary, you can catch a ride out of the neighborhood, venturing off into other neighborhoods including the famed Fifth Avenue.

Yet, why bother? Close at hand are the boutiques and shops located on the following avenues:

1. Sixth Avenue – Boutiques are this street’s specialty

2. Seventh Avenue – If you prefer Big Chain retail stores, this is the street for you

3. Eighth Avenue – Here you can find some Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender (LGBT) based stores

You can stop the shopping and dine in any of the various restaurants on ninth or continue along and visit a variety of different shops at 14th Street and 34th Street.

Specific West Chelsea Delights

In the area known as West Chelsea and throughout Chelsea, you can find whatever it is that will delight or simply satisfy your shopping addiction. Consider the attraction of three community standbys:

1. The Chelsea Market – The destination of all true food lovers – resident or visitor alike, is this busy market located in the old Nabisco factory since 1997

2. The Antiques Garage – A flea market that has long been a part of the community

3. Chelsea Flower Market – Here you can buy any amount of flowers you or the entire new condos in West Chelsea could desire.

4. Limelight Shops – In this unique setting, a former church, a mini shopping mall holds sway offering you the chance to purchase various items of apparel.

New Condos, West Chelsea and Shopping Pleasures

If you plan on living in one of the new condos in West Chelsea, the last thing you need to worry about is where to shop. West Chelsea has stores that cater to everyone’s tastes. Simply step outside your door, and be prepared to spend.

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