Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business in Utah

Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business in Utah

Creating your own real estate business can give you total freedom, flexibility and bring in the big money securing your financial status for the foreseeable future. Brokering for big house sales, rents, leases or organizing property exchanges are all big money making opportunities for any keen spirited realtor with an eye for good, fair deals. First things first though, before you open your own real estate business, you need to have all the necessary legal requirements and paper work sorted out, including obtaining your Utah real estate broker license.

Step I:

Before entering the world of real estate broking you need to be licensed. Of course, you can own a business and hire people to do the brokering for you, but when you create a new business, the successful ones have their owners getting involved. A Utah real estate broker license is obtainable by attending a broker course in Utah, roughly costing $500-$600, depending on quality. You need to pass tight state law guidelines and an exam at the end of your course before getting your license and have a minimum of 3 years real estate experience.

Step II:

Next step is to create your contacts, find clients, people, friends, and family, anyone in your area who owns/rents or has any connection to a property. A big part of being a successful real estate business is making contacts on a personal level. If you have 10 clients who all like you, those 10 clients will recommend you to their friends, meaning another 10 clients. You can do the math. But on a serious note, being friendly is part of this business, get people talking about you in a good way, get your name out there and the customers will come.

Step III:

Once your network of eager, friendly customers is set up you need to find those properties. Not everyone who you know will want to buy or sell and the actual leg work to find your clients is your responsibility at first. Scour neighborhoods for good properties and approach the owners asking if they are interested in selling. While you can only wait for your contacts to let people know this type of client finding is active, there’s no point sitting waiting for your phone to ring, so get out there!

Step IV:

Finally, relax. Beginning a new dream business can be stressful at times, but the idea is to make a better life for yourself. Enjoy your work and enjoy finding clients and houses. This way you can actually be more positive, therefore more successful.

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