Services Offered by a Qualified Heat Pumps Clayton OH Technician

Services Offered by a Qualified Heat Pumps Clayton OH Technician

If you know how an A/C unit works, then you already have an idea on how a heat pump functions. A heat pump is actually a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. It uses the same basic refrigerator-type cycle used by an A/C or a fridge, but now in the opposite direction. A proper installation of this device is not enough; you need to ensure good maintenance and repair to keep it efficient. Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning has the best heat pumps Clayton OH technicians to hire. They are experienced and offer quality services. Some of the services they offer are:

Clearing the air ducts

The prolonged use of the heat pump makes the duct have obstructions. This problem is common in old buildings. Also, it might have been interfered with during normal house repairs. This prevents proper air passage and thus an expert in the heat pumps to repair it professionally.

Blocked units

The outdoor unit functions with the help of cooling fins. The fins can trap dust and also have moisture which results into growth of molds. When you call in the heat pumps Clayton OH technicians, the system will be fixed right, and they will also check if there is enough coolant in the system.

Replacing air filters

Many people prefer the disposable air filters because they can be easily replaced when they get clogged. However, if you have permanent ones they will need regular cleaning. Heat pumps Clayton OH experts will help replace and clean them. This is by getting rid of dust, pollen grains and leaves that might have been trapped in the system.


A new home needs a reliable system installed. If you heat pump is too old to the point of being too inefficient, then it is time to replace it. A good technician will not only know how to fix heat pumps but also all types of HVAC systems. Hiring them will ensure that you have a comfortable environment in your home in an easy way.

Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning are the best service providers. They will provide quality heat pumps Clayton OH services for you. You need to look no further to get comfort in your home, as they have all that is required.


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