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Selecting a pair of headphones, regardless of whether they are the ear-cup design or the increasingly popular ear-bud design is often a simple matter of individual preference. For most people what is important is that the ear buds are comfortable and compliment the type of music they most often listen to as well as their normal activities while listening. Since their introduction, the in-ear or behind the ear headphones have become extremely popular because they are portable, weigh virtually nothing and extremely compact.

When an individual purchases a new smart phone or music player a pair of ear bud headphones are normally included. They work of course, but they are low quality and do not satisfy everyone. Many people immediately upgrade to a pair which is more suitable, athletes that wear their music player while competing usually purchase Yurbuds headphones as they have been expressly designed to compliment long distance runners, tri-athletes, marathoners and iron-men contestants.

There are a few considerations that are taken when shopping for the perfect pair of ear buds. Design, performance, price and features all are taken into account. Some of the high end products have excellent audio qualities in both noise cancellation and range. The music players are all capable of delivering high quality sound, but delivering the sound is one thing, enjoying it to the fullest is something quite different. Many people use their portable music players in noisy environments, without a high quality device the listening pleasure will be far less than perfect. The same is true with athletes, they prefer Yurbuds headphones that will not easy dislodge from the ear canal when perspiring heavily or impacting their body.

It is highly recommended that when you head off to purchase a pair of high-end ear buds that you take your own music player with you that contains your genre of music. Try various pairs, see how well they work on delivering the range that you are looking for and how well they cancel all the ambient noise around you. There are no two people with the identical appreciation of sound, wearing them even for a brief period will tell you if the sound quality is good and they feel comfortable and not prone to falling out.

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