Selecting a Carpet Dealer in Evanston

Selecting a Carpet Dealer in Evanston

If you need new carpet or just a carpet repair, look for a carpet dealer in Evanston. Carpet is the perfect compliment to any room. The right carpet can draw the eye and complete a look. It also feels nice under your feet. Since there are many different types and colors of carpet to choose from, you will need to first decide the look you are trying to achieve.


Patterned carpet is a more formal, contemporary look. It is a texture-on-texture design that creates a pattern in the carpet. This carpet is ideal for bedrooms, boardrooms and any space you want to have that modern look. Berber is a looped weave carpet that has a lower pile. It would be great for high traffic areas in more casual living spaces. Plush carpet is softer and thicker. It provides a more formal, luxurious elegance perfect for formal dining rooms, stairways, nurseries or meeting rooms. It is the most versatile of carpet choices. There are endless colors to choose from as well. First, decide the color palette for your room. Then, select the carpet that best compliments it. If you are unsure, let the carpet dealer in Evanston assist in your choice. They can take a look at your color samples and tell you what is best for the room. Make sure and check on the warranties.

If you are in need of repairs, let a carpet dealer such as American Carpet Distributors help. They can restretch carpet if it is puckering and patch any worn or torn spots. They can take care of recovery in the event of flood damage, including replacing the padding. If you have carpet-to-hardwood floor that does not have a transition between the two, they can install one for you.

Research your local carpet dealers to find out for yourself what a great selection of carpet there is to choose from and what your personal style is. Decide what your needs are then let your carpet dealer take care of installing and maintaining your choice. Your investment will enhance your home or office and provide luxurious comfort for years.

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