Seeking Treatment Alternatives through Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Huntington Beach

Records of both recreational and medical marijuana use date back thousands of years though both are generating their fair shares of controversy in today’s world. Naysayers’ arguments aside, the drug’s effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions can’t be overlooked. This proven positive impact has led to the development of a number of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Huntington Beach, establishments giving hope to countless people suffering from otherwise detrimental illnesses.

Conditions Being Treated with Cannabinoids

Marijuana and its derivatives are receiving quite a bit of acclaim in the medical world for their power to combat the negative side effects of chemotherapy and AIDS. While these may be the most widely known uses to date, they’re not the only ones by far. Some of the other applications for marijuana include:

  • Cancer: Two specific cannabis-based medications for fighting chemo’s side-effects have been approved by the FDA, but further studies show the drug can actually kill cancer cells and stop them from spreading.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Some studies show cannabinoids may thwart pain, stiffness, muscle spasms and other impacts of this condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks nerves.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis entails joint inflammation, pain, and reduced mobility. Research is showing a great deal of potential in using marijuana to reduce those symptoms, giving an arthritis sufferers improved quality of life.
  • Chrohn’s Disease/IBD: With Chrohn’s Disease and certain types of IBD, patients experience severe abdominal pain, digestive issues, and near-debilitating diarrhea as well as potentially extreme weight loss. Cannabis derivatives seem to combat all these symptoms.
  • Asthma: Characterized by constricted airways and shortness of breath, asthma stems from bronchial inflammation. While some studies point to exacerbated symptoms from inhaled marijuana in this regard, others indicate oral cannabis derivatives can actually reduce inflammation and help asthma patients breathe easier.

These are only a few of the conditions for which cannabis currently shows a great deal of promise. While medical breakthroughs are being made on a daily basis, a number of people suffering from these and other elements are seeking treatment courtesy of recreational marijuana in Huntington Beach.

Although only a couple cannabis-based medications have been approved by the FDA at this point, others are sure to follow suit.

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