Seeing an Eye Doctor in Inver Grove Heights is Important When Dealing with Presbyopia

Seeing an Eye Doctor in Inver Grove Heights is Important When Dealing with Presbyopia

As people age one of the most frequent issues they begin to have can be troubles with their eyesight. Much of this is due to normal aging processes in the body, which make it more difficult to see things as clearly as the person did when they were younger. When this occurs, it is important for a person to visit an Eye Doctor in Inver Grove Heights MN. An eye doctor can not only assist in treating their vision changes, but also he or she can conduct a thorough exam and make sure there are no other issues which need treatment.


One of the most frequent problems many older people deal with is presbyopia. This condition is generally the cause of a person having blurred vision or difficulty reading things held to closely. In addition, the person may have frequent headaches as well. While the symptoms can be troubling, the condition itself is not. Presbyopia is caused by the lenses in the eyes losing their flexibility, as a person gets older. This is a natural occurrence and it is not a condition, which can be corrected. However, there are ways the problems it creates can be dealt with.

Most eye doctor in Inver Grove MN will need to conduct an eye exam on a person who has or may have presbyopia. This will give the doctor a chance to examine the physical eye to ensure there are not other types of medical conditions causing the vision problems or contributing to it. During the exam, the doctor should check for signs of cataracts or glaucoma as these can have similar symptoms.

Once the eye doctor determines the cause of the patient’s vision issues is presbyopia, they will then need to determine how badly the issue is affecting the patient’s vision. This is done through vision exams such as reading charts. Some people with mild cases of the condition may be able to remedy their problems by using reading glasses. Often, the eye doctor will need to prescribe eyeglasses or contacts to deal with the issue. Bifocals are used when a person has other eye conditions as well. Most eye doctors will use refractory to determine the type of lenses, which will work best. During this process, they will try various lens combinations until the patient can see well. From this, they can write a prescription for the new eyewear.

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