Save Your Marriage with Infidelity Psychotherapy in NYC

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Society

Infidelity can be very detrimental to a marriage or any committed relationship. Statics indicate that as many as 50% of married women are unfaithful and nearly 80% of married men. Cheating is the number one cause of divorce. Although cheating severely damages a relationship, through Infidelity Psychotherapy in NYC it can be overcome.

Cheating often times does not have anything to do with being unhappy with your husband or wife, but because one member is unhappy with themselves. Men and women cheat for different reasons. Men are typically unfaithful due to stressful or emotionally difficult life situations. These situations may include financial problems or losing a job that lead to the man feeling like he is incapable of taking care of his family, which then causes him to seek a distraction. Women on the other hand, are usually unfaithful because they have lost confidence in themselves. This may be due to the feeling of letting oneself go after having children due to gaining extra weight or not having time to focus on their appearance. This causes low self esteem, which may cause a woman to turn to someone outside of her marriage who is giving her the attention she is craving. Both men and women are simply seeking a distraction from their unhappiness within themselves.

Infidelity Therapy can help a couple overcome the guilt and hurt brought about by cheating and help save the marriage. Infidelity Psychotherapy in NYC provides a mediator that can assist the couple with working through these issues. Both partners need to be committed to this therapy and willing to work toward saving the marriage. It is helpful to join a support group or educate yourself about infidelity psychotherapy in NYC. This allows you to be expose to other couples who have been in similar situations, which helps you not feel alone. Each member of the relationship must feel free to discuss what led up to the cheating and the feelings that have resulted. It is also important for each spouse to have time alone with the therapist to discuss individual feelings as well as therapy as a couple.

Trust is a must to re-establish in the relationship. It is hard to determine when the time is to make the leap and trust your spouse again. However, through psychotherapy with a trusted professional it is possible to trust each other again and save your marriage. Visit Linda Charnes, LMFT for more information.

Infidelity Psychotherapy in NYC provides a mediator that can assist the couple with working through these issues. For more information visit the website or like us on Facebook.

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