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Nothing says an individual is loved like a beautiful memorial at their final resting spot. A monument company who has extensive experience with sand blasting in New Haven will create a memorial for a loved one that will be cherished for years to come. A final resting spot does not have to be a brass plate or a small headstone. It can be a beautiful picture, statue, or a loved one’s favorite saying.

A family can choose a beautiful granite, marble, or bronze carved marker or footstone. Custom emblems or letters can be sandblasted into the material for a lasting mark. The grave marker can be designed to fit the requirements of the cemetery it will be placed by experienced craftsmen.


Every cemetery has their own set of requirements, which could include where they are placed. The guidelines of the cemetery are very important before the family chooses which marker they want to use. An experienced monument company will know the specifications of the cemeteries in the area and will work closely with the family so all requirements are met.

On-Site Work

The best thing about working with a local and experienced company who performs sand blasting in New Haven is they can make alterations on site. If there is a design or style of a memorial that is wanted, they will work closely to fulfill a family’s wishes. They can also customize the finished product to the exact needs.


Monuments can take on a design to a cemetery to mark a family plot. It can have as much detail as the family wants. The inscription on the monument will be the focal point of the tribute. High-tech precision computer technology will get the monument perfect. A family can choose from many designs or create their own.

In addition to beautiful lettering and engraving, a family can choose from a wide selection of various colors of granite. These colors will enhance the beauty of any marker, monument, or gravestone.

If you want to have a beautiful marker for your loved one’s final resting place, Domain URL. They have years of experience working closely with families to create the perfect design.

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