Safe and Proper use of Boat Stands

Safe and Proper use of Boat Stands

Whether you are storing a boat on private property or own a boat yard using boat stands can be tricky if not done properly. Boat stands will allow you to stabilize your boat either using blocking or keel stands and offer the required support to maintain the weight of the boat. Here are some tips to keep the boats stored on your property safe:


Power boats require at least 2 sets of blocking as well as a set of boat stands for every 10 feet of boat length over 20 feet. In general you need a pair of boat stands every eight to 10 feet. Each boat requires at least four stands. For sailboats use one stand with V-pad under the bow of the boat and at least five stands per boat. If you are removing a boat stand you have to place a stand beside it to keep the boat stable. This is not a job for novices and if you are operating a marina or boat yard only authorised and trained staff should be making adjustments or storing boats using boat stands.

Do’s for Boat Stands:

* Use safety chains together from port to starboard on sailboats
* Always pair boat stands
* All boats need at least four stands regardless of size
* Long boats need stands every eight to 10 feet
* Do not place boats on stands on soft ground. If you must, place stands on plywood to avoid sinking
* Sailboats should not be placed on stands in areas prone to high winds. If they must be stored in this area use extra stands or remove the mast if possible
* Do not use rusty or damaged stands
* Do regular safety checks for boats that have been in storage for long periods of time

Don’ts for Boat Stands:

* Don’t allow unauthorized or inexperienced people to move or adjust boat stands
* Do not tie items including canvas and tarps to boat stands
* Never try to modify a boat stand to suit your needs
* Do not try to adapt or use a boat stand for other duties or uses to avoid injury or damage
* Don’t add height to boat stands placing them on other stands or objects

Caution is key when using boat stands. Ensuring they are stable, used properly and placed correctly will allow you to avoid serious accidents as well as damage to the boats you are storing.

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