Routine Dental Examinations

A general dentist in Lincoln Square, Il, is the perfect choice for your family’s routine checkups every six months. This type of dentist can examine teeth and gums for problems along with cleaning teeth professionally to remove a buildup of plaque. If you have a cavity, then the dentist can remove the decayed enamel and create a color-matching filling in only a few minutes. When you have gingivitis, you can have it treated at the earliest stages to prevent major periodontal disease. Your dentist will keep your records in a computer system for you to assist you when an emergency occurs.

Teeth Extraction

When your teenage son or daughter has pain in the jaw from an impacted third molar, you can arrange a fast wisdom tooth removal procedure with a general dentist in Lincoln Square. If this dentist has provided care for your child for many years, then he will have the medical images required for planning the surgery. Your child will feel more comfortable receiving care from a dentist who has performed procedures in the past, leading to a better recovery from the surgery.

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If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your smile, then a general dentist in Lincoln Square can provide cosmetic services such as making dental veneers to change the shape of a tooth that is located toward the front of the mouth. Veneers are used to lengthen short teeth or to cover the stains on the enamel, and the dental restorations are customized for your mouth. You can use veneers in combination with other restorations such as dental implants or crowns to have a perfect smile that improves your self-esteem. To learn more about your dental health, visit the Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square for more information.

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