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Regardless of the profession, it is nice to feel appreciated and recognized by your superiors when you give your all to the job. Being rewarded makes the employee have more pride in their work, and gives the other employees something to aspire to. Instead of just telling the employee how they have done a great job, it is better to give them a token of your appreciation that will stand the test of time. Corporate Awards in Columbus, OH are a great way to make your staff feel recognized, not only for the present but for the future as well.

Acrylic Awards
Acrylic awards are typically more lightweight than other corporate awards in Columbus, OH, but they will not break as easily. You can customize acrylic with different colors to add an even more personal touch on top of the engraving. There are an array of shapes and styles to choose from, so that you can give your employee an award that specifically reflects the company and their area of excellence.

Glass and Crystal Awards
The glass and crystal award category includes a wider variety of styles and colors than all the rest. Art glass pieces are beautiful works of art that you can personalize for that special employee. You can choose from plaques, black and crystal teardrop, rainbow flame, and an assortment of egg shaped awards that encompass different colors and designs inside. Blue glass awards have a more professional look with blue and clear glass combinations in the style you choose. Clear glass awards are just as professional as blue glass awards; they are just toned down on color and amped up in style. You have options ranging from simple to ornate in this category. Jade crystal can be found in virtually every style and shape as blue and clear glass; it just differs due to its green tint. The tint is not overwhelming and adds a bit of color to an otherwise plain award. If you would like to give your employee something a little more stylish than you always have the option of ordering an ornate personalized vase in the style of your choosing.

For those of you who choose to give your employees an award that also has function, a desk or wall clock may be the answer. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors; wood, acrylic, clear or jade crystal and blue or clear glass in assorted styles.

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