Reward Players and Advertise Your Course With Golf Awards

Reward Players and Advertise Your Course With Golf Awards

Golf tournaments are a popular fundraising tool. They are also a great way for a golf course to get noticed and get new members. While much of the focus for these tournaments is on the advertising or the charity the tournament is benefiting, there are other considerations.

One of the most important item to consider are the golf awards, trophies and plaques. Businesses and individual members who compete in these tournaments enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. They are also great to give to large donors to the tournament and the receiving charity as well.

What these trophies and plaques function as, in addition to a reward for the recipients, are wonderful advertising tools for the golf course itself. This makes them a very cost-effective means of saying “thank you” and rewarding participants.

Golf Awards & plaques – come in a huge array of styles. The typical wall plaque of wood and brass and the large silver plated trophy cup are always popular, classic choices. But there are so many others to consider.

There are glass trophies which are more art sculptures than trophies. The golf tournament information and the information of the recipient can be etched into the glass or onto a base where the glass is mounted. Brass figures of a golfer in mid-swing are a popular option.

A fun option for golf trophies is the new bobble head styles. They are adorable, genuine bobble head dolls in multiple poses. These are perfect for youth groups and school golf teams. Coach trophies are available as well as players.

Another option, popular in many sports but not seen as much in golf, are medals. Medals are easy to display, easy to show off and are very affordable. The medals are available in more than a simple basic disc. Some are trophy shaped and some are similar to military dog tags.

These are just some of the many items available for Golf Awards & Trophies. If you are considering purchasing some for your golf tournament be certain to budget appropriately to include any personalized engraving you would like to include. And think creatively. Remember, the more unusual the trophy is, the more likely it is to draw attention.

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