Retain The Structural Integrity Of Your Building With Brick Repair In Philadelphia PA


Brick has many benefits, including it doesn’t rot, dent and doesn’t require painting, and is fireproof. Brick helps to pay for itself because it’s energy efficient and lasts for a long time. Nothing looks as classic as a quality brick home or building that’s been well maintained. Demolishing a brick building can be avoided when an owner chooses quality brick repair in Philadelphia, PA instead.

Cracks can be corrected with non-intrusive masonry repair. A business can draw more customers to the front door when their brickwork is in top condition. In addition to repairing brick, tuckpointing will be another important part of restoring a brick building to its original condition.

What Fails First?

An average brick will remain in good condition for over a 100 years unless it’s subject to water leaks at the mortar joints surrounding it. Mortar joints last a shorter amount of time and add to the deterioration of brick, stone, and blocks. Repointing the mortar joints is necessary to give the building a fresh look and the stability it needs.

What Is Repointing?

Repointing requires the removal of the deteriorated mortar between the bricks. The different styles of brick bonds and the condition of the brick will determine how the damaged mortar will be removed. Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is the pointing that was installed between the bricks.

When brick repair in Philadelphia, PA is performed, a trained technician will determine if the finish is flushed or slightly recessed. Several styles of pointing include bucket handle, recessed, tuck, and flush. The style of the pointing is very important because all of the mortar must have the same finish or the building will look unsightly.

Other Services

In addition to repairing brick, an experienced masonry company can perform interior and exterior below grade damp-proofing, sealant removal and replacement, thru-wall flashing replacement, stucco repair, concrete patch, masonry stabilization, and so much more. An experienced masonry company will easily identify small problems that could turn into larger ones in the future.

Whether your building is newer or a historic structure, a restoration team is always prepared to complete a project. The restoration company will provide a high standard of customer service. For more information, please feel free to visit for more information.

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