Repairing your Home after a Flood

Repairing your Home after a Flood

Back in 2005 Hurricane Katrina trashed the Louisiana coastline, destroying large areas of the New Orleans and surrounding towns and cities. The damage was so extensive that thousands were made homeless, pets were lost and the stories of tragedy seemed endless. However, eight years on, the State has largely recovered from most of the damage, while there are still some areas that are in need of restoration. Hurricanes can cause distressing and traumatic consequences and they may be hard to recover from if one doesn’t have insurance.

In October 2012, the entire east coast of the United States was affected by the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Winds gusts of up to 115pmh were experienced along the coastline from the south east up to the New England States. New Jersey was one of the hardest hit areas, but around three hundred thousand homes were without power in Massachusetts. Buildings and homes were seriously flooded, as were the roads. The drainage system couldn’t cope with the levels of water that engulfed the area and the clean-up campaign took months.

Boston was hard hit during Hurricane Sandy as was the entire New England coastline and many hundreds of homes suffered severe flood damage in Boston. Once the water subsides and the home is free of any puddles, it is vital that you act quickly. To begin cleaning up the mess is important and you should never use the electrical outlets or turn on the lights.

The Aftermath

If you don’t take the right steps as soon as possible your home could suffer long term damage that could cost you thousands in repair bills. Issues such as mold and mildew are two of the main concerns that people have. Mold and mildew build quickly and can leave lasting damage as well as a nasty smell. Industrial dehumidifiers are usually used to extract the excess water that seeps into the walls and sheet rock of your home. Without these, the dampness will continue and ruin much of the foundation of your home. Wood, especially, is susceptible to long term damage and warping, so it is highly advised that you hire an experienced contractor to help solve the issues of cleaning up and repairing your home after serious flood damage has affected it.

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