Remain Cool This Summer With an AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL

Remain Cool This Summer With an AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL

There are many ways to cool your home including the portable window air conditioner, heat pump systems, split or ductless A/C units and the common central air system generally called an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. One thing that all of these systems have in common is the need for regular maintenance to keep them running properly. Of course, each appliance has it’s own requirements. For example, the typical window unit usually requires a simple cleaning and filter replacement since there are few places that repair these devices.

For the more common cooling appliances like the HVAC and the ductless air conditioner an AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL is the best way to get the longest service out of them. An A/C tuneup typically involves testing the appliance for proper function. This should include verifying the electronics are operating properly and that any motors are in good shape. This service should also include cleaning the coils and ensuring they aren’t blocked. In many cases it is hard for the homeowner to reach the inside areas of the coil making cleaning a difficult task. However, the serviceman can quickly remove the refrigerant from the system and remove the coil so it can be cleaned in an acid bath.

In cases where the coil is clean or there is no other reason to remove the refrigerant then the technician will need to test the level or charge of the coolant. A low level of refrigerant will put undue strain on the whole system making it work harder to keep the same area cool. Plus, this extra effort will cause the condensing unit to run hotter than normal which induces failure in the condenser, normally by locking up.

Air conditioners are a huge investment so caring for them should be a priority. This is why an AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL is so very important. Considering that most homes will be using this appliance for many days at a time it simply makes sense to ensure it is functioning properly. Routine maintenance is much cheaper than replacing the whole system. Learn more when you Visit the website of responsible contractors like Cool Air Conditioning and Heating.

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