Regular Check-Ups with a General Dentist in Honohulu Promote Good Health

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In order to stay healthy, a person has to have both a family doctor and General Dentist in Honolulu. Having healthy teeth and gums is very important when it comes to having a healthy body. It’s been known for a long time that the bacteria that cause gum disease are also associated with heart disease. Recently a medical study showed a correlation between the same bacteria and pancreatic cancer. Additional studies will have to be conducted to understand that relationship, but it underscored the need for good oral health. Mouth cancers are most commonly identified by dentists during regular dental check-up. Seeing a dentist every six months is particularly important for smokers and heavy drinkers. They are two groups that are most likely to develop this disease.

When a person has a cavity, it is actually bacteria that is eating away at the surface of the tooth. If the cavity isn’t cleaned and filled in its early stages, the cavity gets much larger and the bacteria can travel down into the gum and root area. Nerves are located in this region. That’s why a toothache can be such a painful experience. When a toothache gets to this stage, it’s often necessary for the dentist to perform a root canal. It is done under powerful local anesthetics and is not painful. Patients perceive it as a painful treatment, because of the pain they experienced prior to it.

The dentist uses long needles to clean out the infection. He then places medicated strips in it to help it heal and prevent further infection. The patient returns in about 10 days. If there is no sign of infection, then the dentist places a permanent filling in the root. Usually this procedure and the advanced tooth decay weaken the upper portion of the tooth. A porcelain crown has to be placed over the tooth to stabilize it and prevent future problems. With proper brushing and flossing a crown and root canal will last about 20 years.

If the infection has cracked the root, then the tooth has to be extracted. The dentist will thoroughly numb the area and the patient will only feel a tugging sensation. When it has healed the dentist will explain the options to fill the gap.

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