Recognize a Job Well Done with Beautifully Engraved Award Plaques.

Recognize a Job Well Done with Beautifully Engraved Award Plaques.

In the business world, special projects, exceptional efforts and recognition for dedication should be acknowledged and rewarded. Award Plaques are the perfect gift in those circumstances. You can have plaques that are engraved with your company logo, an employees name and a phrase about the project. You can say what the employee is being recognized for, include dates and just about any other bit of information you like. Limited only by size and your imagination, the plaques can become treasured incentives boosting morale and production each time someone sees it. The plaques are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. You can create your own ideas or work with a design team for creative input.

If your company recognizes employees of the month, you can design a Plaque with twelve separate tiles that employee names can be engraved on and added to the plaque. The singular display, can be hung in a prominent location where employees and customers alike can view it. There are plaques that you can slide certificates into, using the glass as a display frame. Stylish and unusual, each plaque can be unique to the individuals receiving them. You can add 3-dimensional design elements such as sports figures, basketball hoops or figurines that represent the person’s career. Clocks and pen sets are available for an enhanced display on someones desk.

Words of encouragement, and pats on the back can lift a persons spirits, boost their morale and keep them focused on the task at hand. When a project has been completed, goals have been reached or someone has gone above and beyond expectations, an engraved plaque of acknowledgment can be a daily reminder of a job well done. In life, there are plenty of opportunities to be knocked down and disappointed. When a moment of achievement arrives, celebrate it and encourage your employees. Beautifully engraved Award Plaques seize and celebrate the moment long after the ceremonies are done. Some days it is all about the small gestures of recognition that make a job worth while. Martin Awards has been in the business of congratulations, promotion and inspiration for over 20 years, one engraved word of encouragement at a time.


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