Reasons You Can Lose Your Driver’s License

Most states allow teenagers to get their drivers’ licenses when they turn 16. You need to take a written test and pass a driving test to show that you have the skills needed to obtain that license. Many people do not realize that they can lose their licenses when they break the law. When you lose your license, you need to attend a reinstatement hearing and show just cause or proof why you should get it back. There are some common reasons why you might lose that license in the first place.

Driving Under the Influence

The most common reason you might lose your license is that you drove under the influence of any substance, including alcohol and illegal drugs. Illinois typically does not take licenses unless the driver is caught more than once. You may receive other penalties, including probation or jail time and fines. The state can also demand that you use an engine interlock device on your car. This device will check your blood alcohol level before letting you turn on the car.

DMV Points

Each time that you break the law, you get one or more points on your license. The Illinois DMV will keep track of those points and take away your license when you reach a certain level. You’ll then need to attend an Illinois drivers license reinstatement hearing before you can get it back. The points accumulate over time but drop off after a year or more. Maintaining a clean driving record is a good way to ensure that you do not lose your license.

If you need to attend an Illinois drivers license reinstatement hearing after losing your license for any reason, contact Johnson & Goldrich P.C. for help finding out what to do before your hearing.

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