Reasons to Want Rental Property Greenpoint Area

by | May 15, 2013 | Real Estate Services

Greenpoint is just one of those areas that once you see it you will likely want to call it home. Families often find generation after generation remaining in the area. This is not surprising since there is a real family atmosphere here. For someone looking for Rental Property Greenpoint just can’t be beat for a number of reasons.

There are two wonderful parks in Greenpoint to enjoy either for a peaceful place to read a book or take a walk, or take kids along to play. The largest park is McCarren Park which was once called Greenpoint Park. Some people like to be near this park when moving to Rental Property Greenpoint area.

Residents in Greenpoint are very active in keeping the community nice and free from anything that will upset this. Not having toxic plants in the area is one goal they have achieved. This degree of community involvement is another reason many look to Rental Property Greenpoint locations. It is nice to know one won’t be the only one fighting a battle.

Another reason people love Greenpoint is the amazing architecture. There are many very old historic buildings present such as churches. banks and schools. Many of these buildings date back to the mid 1800’s and are still in operation. Finding Rental Property in areas near these delightful buildings is a goal for many renters.

Greenpoint has been also gaining notoriety because of its use as a location to film various movies and television shows. Current shows that include film from this area are The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Law & Order: SVU, and Lipstick Jungle. It has to feel pretty interesting to perhaps see your building or neighborhood in an episode on television. The chance at meeting a celebrity doesn’t hurt either.

With fantastic views of the New York City skyline, and being able to jump on the subway and be there in justa few minutes, this quaint neighborhood is an ideal place to look for Rental Property. The rental rates are reasonable, the local cuisine which is heavy into Polish delicacies is unique, and the crime rate is relatively low. This hidden little gem that goes unnoticed by many is sure worth a look.




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