Reasons to Hire a Good Disability Lawyer

People who pay into Social Security when they work can expect to receive a certain amount per month when they reach retirement age. But there are times when people need Social Security earlier because of their health. If you’ve recently gotten sick or injured and can’t work, you should consider hiring a good disability lawyer. And here are some key benefits to doing so.

No Money Down

In most cases, a disability lawyer in Missouri will not take money upfront. Instead, his firm will collect a certain percentage of your backpay when you win your case. So, if you look at filing for disability insurance in this manner, you might as well hire a disability attorney because you risk nothing.

Assist With Filing and Paperwork

Your disability attorney’s office will help you fill out the voluminous paperwork that’s required to open up a disability case. Typically, an assistant or paralegal at the firm will fill out your information as she ask you questions. She’ll then submit the form to the claims person at the Social Security office. Each time you appeal your case, you’ll have to complete additional forms, which your attorney’s office will again send to Social Security.

Recommend Tests or Other Forms

Your disability lawyer in Missouri will be able to recognize if you have enough medical records to support your case. However, if you have a more obscure condition like multiple chemical sensitivities, for example, he may recommend that you have your doctor fill out an “Environmental Limitation” form that better explains your ailment.

Ease Your Mind

A disability attorney can put you at ease by telling about other cases he one for people like you. He may also apprise you that at 50 or 55, your chances for getting disability are greater than if you were younger.

Improve Chances of Winning

When you hire a disability lawyer in Missouri, statistics show that you can dramatically improve your chances of winning.

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