Reasons to Consider Veterans Benefits Attorneys, Find Legal Representation in Texas

Most people are unsure of when (or why) to hire veterans benefits attorneys. It can be a tough time for you, and you may not want to get others involved. However, as a resident of Texas, you also have the right to seek legal counsel once your NOD has been filed. In most cases, the Notice of Disagreement is filed after you get a Rating Decision from the VA. In the past, people had to wait to hire legal counsel until later in the appeals process, which sometimes took years. However, since June 2007, you can hire a lawyer once you get your NOD from VARO.

Why Hire Early

Though it may make sense to wait until you get deeper into the appeals process, it can be beneficial to hire legal help earlier. You have a better chance of presenting a well-developed claim that supports your case. The lawyer you choose ensures that all the documentation is there and complete. They can also talk to doctors and other professionals, getting the right information.

Many Denial Reasons

Veteran’s benefits attorneys know that you can be denied your benefits for almost any reason. Many Texas residents find that they forget one piece of information, don’t fill out forms correctly, or forget to sign. All of these technicalities can force you to be denied your claim. If this happens, you should appeal it promptly, and your attorney can help you do this. Plus, they will go over all the information you submit to ensure it is filled out correctly. During the appeal, you could fall into any number of pitfalls or traps laid out by the defense without legal representation.

Veteran’s benefits attorneys are there to help you if your claim was denied. Visit Jackson & MachNichol Attorneys at Law in Texas at to learn more.

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