Reasons Selecting a Port Orange, FL Veneers Dentist Can Be a Good Choice for Unsightly Teeth

Reasons Selecting a Port Orange, FL Veneers Dentist Can Be a Good Choice for Unsightly Teeth

One of the most common ways for a dentist to improve the look of a patient’s teeth is through the use of dental veneers. This type of dental treatment can be a great choice for teeth, which are misshaped, severely discolored or spaced improperly. With this type of treatment, the patient will not lose their healthy teeth. Their appearance will just be improved. This can be a great advantage to many patients and a good reason to visit a Port Orange, FL Veneers dentist.


Dental veneers are custom fitted shells designed to go over a patient’s existing teeth to help in resolving issues with the way they look. Veneers are generally created from translucent porcelain in a shade similar to the patient’s natural teeth, which makes them look natural while they hide the flaws in the teeth below. Since the healthy tooth is not removed, this type of treatment is much less invasive when compared with other dental treatment options.

Most times when a Port Orange, FL Veneers dentist begins treatment on a patient, they will first need to remove a portion of the enamel of the teeth to receive the veneers. This is done so the veneer fits smoothly and evenly with the other teeth in the patient’s mouth. Once the enamel is removed, the dentist will then be able to make an impression or take a digital image of the patient’s mouth so the veneers can be custom created to fit on the affected teeth. The dentists will also need to make an assessment on the color of porcelain the veneers should be created using. This information is then sent to an outside lab where the veneers will be created.

Once the veneers have been completed, the patient will need to return to the dental office. The dentist from a dental practice, like Beville Dental Care, will then want to have the patient’s teeth thoroughly cleaned. The teeth will then be etched so the veneers will hold to the teeth better. Generally, a dentist will need to spend a bit of time adjusting the veneers so they fit perfectly on the teeth. Veneers are adhered to the teeth with dental cement. This creates a permanent bond.

After the veneers are in place, the patient will immediately see a difference. Their unsightly teeth will be hidden and replaced by veneers, which make the patient’s teeth look beautiful.

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