Real property management skills maximize your investment

Real property management skills maximize your investment

Rpm property management services apply to services that are needed to effectively manage single home, multiple homes, apartment complexes, commercial property, or any combination thereof. Regardless of the property and regardless of the number of properties, the goals remain the same.  As an owner, you want to keep your properties full of qualified tenants and maximize on the return of your investment.

When owners look for a responsible group to manage their properties, whether locally or abroad, they look for a certain standard.  Rpm property management knows the demands of the industry and addresses it by providing what the owners want:

  • A clean fee structure with no hidden charges
  • Local expertise, including competitive rental rates, insurance, and licensing
  • A marketing and advertising strategy to minimize vacancies
  • Discrete but rigorous screening of potential tenants, including criminal, employment, income, and reference checks
  • Online rent payment portal, incentives that ensure on time payments and healthy cash flow
  • Cost-effective maintenance, 24 hours a day emergency repair
  • Online owner portal, allowing instant access to financials and all property activity
  • Central accounting for multi-unit portfolios of any size
  • Regular property inspections, inside and outside
  • Trust accounts to hold tenant deposits
  • Highly skilled, professional staff to ensure reliability and consistency
  • Absolute integrity and impeccable ethics

The owner, as well as Rpm property management is well aware that when a unit sits empty it generates no income.  The core benefit of engaging a team of professional property managers is to see that the properties are full and that the expenses associated with them are minimized.  Skill, determination, and experience allows these two things to happen.  The first thing the property manager must do is market the property; to keep it full, potential tenants must know it is available.  This is done with aggressive advertising and a positive attitude towards showing the property when the tenant is free, as well as making sure the tenant is fully aware of the features and benefits of the property.  If the property has recently had a new HVAC system installed, the utility bill will be lower than a comparably priced unit with a dated, inefficient heating and air-conditioning system.

Keeping your tenants happy

Property managers know from experience that a happy tenant pays their rent timely and often stays in the property for many years.  Part of what keeps a tenant pleased is that they do not have to deal with routine issues alone.  Excellent, high skilled, and knowledgeable managers keep a watchful eye on the property and attend to issues before a serious problem occurs.  This is good for the tenant and good for the owner, as routine maintenance costs are always lower than a major overall or replacement of equipment.

Rpm property management has the right people, the right skills, and the right systems to ensure that your investment is maximized.  With 25 years of experience, it is hard to beat the professionals at Real Property Management.

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