Rain, Rain Go Away – Or, At least Let me Grab my Umbrella!

Rain, Rain Go Away – Or, At least Let me Grab my Umbrella!

Children love the rain. Many a picture book or nursery rhyme has one or two pages devoted to the idea of children enjoying the opportunity to slosh around the many puddles a rainy day brings. What is not to love about a warm, summer rain especially for a child, a chance to jump, splash and embrace the weather in a way that only our younger people can. But of course, as parents we still want to make sure that when we send our children off to school, they don’t arrive in sopping wet clothing. After all, sitting around in dampened hair and outfits is hardly a conducive way to learn, especially when your child’s drier classmates are able to study and solve problems, while your child is busy shivering through the same lesson. That is why a kids umbrella can help not only keep them drier and warmer, but with such fun and functional designs, they’ll be bound to keep that umbrella close to hand, especially on the off chance of weather.

Think about how adorable your first grade daughter will look walking with her friends while they take turns holding her bright red ladybug umbrella over the bunch of them. It’s a special treat to walk under an umbrella with friends, watching the raindrops pool and bubble before they drip off the ends, knowing that you are safe and dry beneath. Many a giggle will be shared under the whimsical canopy while they walk along.

Just like the adult version, a kids umbrella should be an essential accessory that travels easily in a pocket of their book bag or back pack. By depressing a simple locking device, the ribs are released in a matter of seconds and your child can be safely tucked under the protective cover, without missing a beat. The umbrellas just happen to be a little smaller in size than their adult counterpart and tend to have a brighter and more kid-approved design. How about fun polka dots or an umbrella in the shape of your son’s favorite animal? Bright and vibrant colors usually abound in kids umbrellas, as there seems to be nothing better to while away a gray and rainy day than a bright pink umbrella!

Rainy days and childhood seem to go together, hand in hand. Ask any child about rain puddles and you are sure to see a smile light up those bright faces! Being the protective parent that you are, go ahead and let them play, just keep that handy pint-sized umbrella at the ready and make sure to keep a pair of boots to go along with that rainy day.

Looking for gift ideas? A kids umbrella makes a great birthday or holiday present. After all, what little girl wouldn’t love a pink kitty umbrella to brighten a dark and gloomy day? A kids umbrella has many fun and functional features, look for one today, you never know what the weather might be like tomorrow! Click Here to view our selection.

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