Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH When Raccoons Live a Little Too Close

Raccoons are best known for digging through trash cans to look for food. They’re common in many areas because they have easy access to plenty of food items. They’re also smart, so they can open most trash cans to get to the food. When they’re living a little too close to home, homeowners have some steps they can take to encourage them to leave. If this doesn’t work, they can call a pro for raccoon removal in Columbus OH.

Keep All Food and Drinks Secured Outside the Home

Raccoons move in close to a home because they need to have food they can access easily. Since they often go through trash cans to find food, locking up the trash cans may encourage the raccoons to move on. Heavy items placed on the trash can won’t work very well because the raccoons are smart enough to push the item off. Instead, purchase a trash can with a locking lid or leave the trash cans in the garage through the night.

Repair Any Entryways Used by the Raccoons

If raccoons are living in the crawlspace under the home, it might be possible to fix the entryway so the raccoons cannot get inside as easily. It is important to take care to do this when the raccoons are not inside as the homeowner won’t want to trap the raccoons under the home. It may be possible to block the entrance while the raccoons are out at night to search for food so they cannot get back in before repairs are complete.

Contact a Pro for Assistance

If the raccoons are still not leaving, the homeowner may want to contact a pro for raccoon removal in Columbus OH. A professional understands the laws surrounding raccoon removal and will ensure they’re quickly and safely relocated to a new home. This allows the homeowner to then fix their home and work towards discouraging raccoons from moving nearby in the future.

If you have an issue with raccoons getting a little too close to your home and going through your trash, take the steps here to try to get the raccoons to move away on their own. If they are getting inside your home or they’re refusing to move further away, contact a pro for help. Visit us online to learn more today.

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