Quick and Easy Vehicle Registration in Philadelphia

Quick and Easy Vehicle Registration in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania began issuing registration plates in 1906. The plates have seen many changes over the past century. Some of the most notable include the end of the date of issue being made directly into the plate and the addition of the state’s motto. The motto itself was subsequently removed and replaced by two different web addresses for sites which provide tourist information about Pennsylvania. The plate will undoubtedly face continuing changes as the years go by.

What is less likely to change is the need to have your vehicle registered. Registration laws are intensely enforced by the state and can amount to impounded vehicles and stiff penalties if not followed. The Department of Motor Vehicles has attempted to make it easier for residents to complete their vehicle registration in Philadelphia by creating multiple official PENNDOT locations. These locations allow registrations to be created across the city in an easier and more timely fashion than in years past. This service saves vehicle owners time and money, as they can typically find a location nearby and not need to lose and entire day’s work standing in line at the DMV.

One of the locations where automobile registrations can be performed in Philadelphia is at the Imperial Insurance Agency. Not only do they offer affordable insurance options for cars, homes and business purposes, they also offer convenient PENNDOT services. You can instantly renew your tags on your car, truck or even motorcyle, as well as transfer your tags or titles. Instant photo driver’s license renewals are also available from them as well as a host of other Department of Transportation services. Some can even be performed online through the company’s web site.

While you are at their office or on their site you can learn more about their insuracne plans and how they can save you substantial money. You can receive a no-obligation quote on any of the insurance products they offer. Their quotes are available online and on the phone. Contact them today for a money saving report regarding how you can slash your insurance costs. Check out their site and discover all of the services they provide, both for PENNDOT and for insurance.

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