Questions to Ask Your Recycling Service Provider in Nassau County NY

Questions to Ask Your Recycling Service Provider in Nassau County NY

Recycling has been highly promoted during the past couple decades, yet it isn’t as common as it should be. While at least 75% of households claim that they recycle something, less than 50% of all recyclables are actually recycled. Those who don’t recycle say that recycling is too difficult, or that it isn’t available. If you are concerned about Recycling Nassau County NY, rest assured that it is definitely available in your area. To make recycling easier, there are a few questions you should ask your recycling service provider.

First, find out if the recyclables handled are source-separated or commingled. “Commingled” means that you can throw out all your recyclables together as long as every item is indeed recyclable. “Source-separated” means that you must sort all your recyclables before disposing them. Your home is the “source” area where you separate your own trash. Commingling means less work for the recycling customer, although recyclables must still be separated from other garbage such as food.

Next, determine which types of recyclables are accepted for Recycling in Nassau County NY. Paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass are common materials which often can be recycled. Be sure to find out if there are special instructions regarding certain types of recyclables. For example, all paper products are not created equal. Newspaper and cardboard may be handled differently than regular paper. Also, varying types of plastic cannot be commingled because they have different melting points.

Finally, ask if any recyclables must be washed before throwing them away. If washing is recommended, a thorough rinse is all that is needed. For example, how should you clean a used ketchup bottle? Partially fill the bottle with cool water, swirl it a few times, then pour it out. That’s all there is to it. Thoroughly washing recyclables with soap and warm water is not only unnecessary, but inappropriate. This is a waste of energy and resources. Most equipment in recycling facilities is sophisticated enough that it can easily eliminate tiny food particles.

Nearly everyone approves of recycling, but not everyone does it. Households that do recycle still need to recycle more. Fortunately, many waste disposal companies like V. Garofalo Carting Inc. are aware of this, and are answering the demand for recycling services. Hopefully, the increased availability of these services will help the number of recycling households reach 100%.

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