Questions About Pet Dentistry At An Animal Hospital In Honolulu

Questions About Pet Dentistry At An Animal Hospital In Honolulu

If you’re the owner of a pet, you have probably taken your pet to a vet clinic for a wellness check. In addition to an annual health checkup for your pet, he should also have regular dental care. Below you’ll discover important information about dental care at an Animal Hospital in Honolulu.


Q.) What types of dental issues are common in cats and dogs?

A.) Animals can have the same types of dental issues as humans including periodontal disease and tooth decay. Periodontal disease occurs when the gums become inflamed due to plaque buildup. If the plaque isn’t removed by a dentist, it can cause pain, infection and possibly tooth loss. Most all dogs and cats over the age of three have periodontal disease. If you have a pet that is at least three years old, you should take him to the Animal Hospital in Honolulu for a dental checkup.

Q.) How will a veterinarian at the Animal Hospital in Honolulu clean my pet’s teeth and will it be painful for my pet?

A.) To clean your pet’s teeth, the veterinarian will first sedate your pet. This ensures that your pet is comfortable during the procedure and so that the veterinarian can do a thorough job. A dental procedure can be stressful for your pet, so that’s why sedation is necessary. The veterinarian at the Animal Hospital in Honolulu will be using sharp, pointed instruments to clean the tartar off your pet’s teeth. Any movement your pet makes could cause the instrument to poke or gouge him. Since your pet will be under anesthesia during the procedure, it won’t be painful for him. After the procedure, your pet’s gums may be a little sore, but his teeth will be healthier than they’ve ever been.

Q.) Is there anything that I can do at home to help keep my pet’s teeth healthy?

A.) Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth will clean off the tartar and keep them healthy. You can purchase a pet toothbrush and toothpaste in flavors that your pet will like. You should never use human toothpaste for brushing your pet’s teeth, because it’s not made for pets.

Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital offers full service veterinary care including wellness exams, surgery, eye care and dental care. The clinic also offers 24 hour emergency treatment for your pet.

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