Quality Children’s Furniture is More Than Cute…It’s Sturdy

Quality Children’s Furniture is More Than Cute…It’s Sturdy

We all have our spot in the house where we feel the most comfortable, and for children that is often their bedroom. The bedroom usually serves double duty, serving as both a place to sleep and a place to play.

Selecting the right furniture for the child’s room should be an entertaining process. However, the furniture you buy needs to be designed just for children because it is going to get rough treatment. Young children never seem to use furniture the way it was intended either. They think small furniture is fun, but that means it is viewed as a potential toy. A bed becomes a trampoline, a toy box becomes a drum, and a folding step stool is a small ladder.

Child furniture in Appleton WI can turn an ordinary room into a nursery, bedroom, playroom or haven.

Withstanding Rough Treatment

Unlike adult furniture, the furniture needs to be able to withstand treatment it was not really intended for but may get anyway. Furniture needs to be durable. It requires reinforcing at the joints and pieces should not be merely glued on or glued together. When the toddler climbs on the step stool or opens the lid to the storage compartment, there should be no doubt as to the durability of the construction or the quality of moving parts.

The furniture in the baby’s room should fit well into the space allowed. It is hard on the house walls when a rocker is squeezed into a corner and hits the wall each time it is rocked. If you watch a young child climb into a rocker, you know it is going to be doing a lot of rocking while the baby or toddler is getting into it and then while using it. Storage units, tables and chairs, and other furniture must be placed so that the baby or toddler can freely try it out without causing damage to your house.

Balancing Act

In fact, the furniture needs to be well-balanced. The last thing you want to happen is the child climbing onto a chair or stool and the furniture easily tipping over. The age appropriateness of the furniture is also a consideration.

In addition, you want to select furniture that is easy to clean. Tables, chairs, toy boxes, and all the other furniture requires regular cleaning so the paint or surface must hold up. If the furniture is upholstered, the fabric or material must be easily washable with mild soap and water.

Furniture that looks cute at first glance can be tempting, but quality counts in every way when buying furniture for the nursery or child’s room. Quality and appearance must be balanced to ensure a child’s safety. There are pieces designed today that blend sturdy construction and themes, like the potty chair that looks like a school bus and can be converted to ordinary use once the toddler is potty trained. This type of furniture is ideal because it is made well, is entertaining and instructional, and can be used for years.

As you shop for baby or toddler furniture, remember that being “cute” is not enough. Your child’s safety relies on you buying furniture that can withstand the rough and tumble use it will get. Contact Lullabye Shop at https://lullabyeshop.com/ to find out more information on baby furniture and gift ideas. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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