Quality and Dependable Open End Synchronous Timing Belts Made for You

If you or your business is currently in the market for reliable quality or custom fabricated timing belts, open-end synchronous timing belt products, plastic drive components, bearings, pulleys, gears, pulley stocks, clamps or collars then look no further than to JJC & Associates. With JJC & Associates, there is no longer a need to search online for the best “open-end synchronous timing belt” or “best belt fabrication company.” With over 40 years in the industry, our breadth and depth of experience has served thousands of clients and can help you get exactly what you need without overcharging or going over your budget.

Owned by master belt slitter John Cottrell, with 44 years of experience, all JJC and Associates work (including custom cuts and processing) occurs in-house. All belt sleeves are fabricated and cut to your exact specifications, after which point, they are thoroughly inspected in our quality control department. Because our digital belt slitter is done by computer, JJC & Associates cut your belts to the exact size slits that you need. Not only can we cut to special widths, but we can also make any pulley to match those exact custom widths.

This is the advantage of working with an industry veteran such as JJC and Associates. We have been entrusted to help thousands of engineers, industrial companies and robotics companies with their needs because of our forthright dependability and straightforward approach to communication. If we know one thing, it’s how to find or fabricate the exact product that you need. Used in various applications that range from floor polishing to office components, all our parts go to a gates master slitter before delivery. We look forward to helping guide or fulfill your needs to your exact liking and invite you to visit us at www.jjcassociates.com for inquiries, quotes and more information regarding our services.

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