Protect Your Property From Mosquitoes This Summer

Unlike pesky pests that pester your property year-round, mosquitoes are a summertime nightmare that can wreak havoc on your home. As warmer weather gets closer, consider the following tips and tricks to make sure that your yard doesn’t become a haven for these blood-thirsty critters:

Check for Stagnant Water

The ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed, standing and stagnant water will attract these insects (and others!) to your yard without fail. From pool covers to bird baths, check your property for spaces where water may gather, making sure to clean them properly and keep an eye open throughout the season.

Clear Away Debris

Like sweat, junk and debris are often a harbinger of pests. Collect and dispose of trash or other debris that may be harboring bugs and insects, and keep your yard manicured or cut to reduce hiding and breeding space.

Buy DIY Treatments

From citronella candles to repellant sprays, options abound when it comes to treating your property for mosquitoes. Bear in mind, treatments are often temporary and can include harmful chemicals. A potentially costly investment, DIY solutions can at least quell your infestation until you contact an expert pest control provider.

There will be times when, despite your best efforts, your infestation grows out of hand and you need to call in the services of a trusted pest control professional. Whether you live or work in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Pride Pest Control is proud to be this provider in your times of need. Give us a call today to discuss your free consultation and evaluation.

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