Pros And Cons Of Using A Wrist Rests For Keyboards

Pros And Cons Of Using A Wrist Rests For Keyboards

If you are one of those people that spends long hours at the office typing away on your computer keyboard, you will be interested to know that there are several benefits for you to purchase and use a wrist rest for your keyboard.  Using a wrist rest for keyboards is a great way to eliminate such things a carpel tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries altogether.

Wrist rests for keyboards are designed to help keep the wrist from bending backwards when you are typing or using your mouse.  Wrist rests for keyboards also help to take pressure off of your shoulders by allowing you a soft surface to lay your wrist on.

Not only will using a wrist rest for keyboards help to alleviate some of your pain cause by repetitive movements, it will also help to keep your muscles from getting tight and therefore will help to keep you from getting so many headaches and neck aches.

Although there are many benefits to using a wrist rest for your keyboard, as with anything, there are also a few cons as well.  If perhaps you happen to purchase a wrist rest that is too bulky it will cause your wrists to be positioned too high and therefore be too far away from the keyboard.  This can cause your wrist to flex forward and can do damage to your wrist as a result.

Some wrist rests for keyboards come with sharp edges and these can become quite uncomfortable to the user.  Some wrist rests can also do more harm than good for folks with carpel tunnel syndrome.  If they continue to use a wrist rest that causes them pain, it can move from carpel tunnel syndrome to median nerve compression.

If you are careful when you are shopping for your wrist rest and pay close attention to the design and details of each one, you will more than likely be able to choose one that will be a perfect fit for you.   If this is the case, you should not have any problems associated with your wrist rest, only good can come of it.  Be sure to choose the thickness carefully so that you find one that fits your computer keyboard.   The thickness of both the keyboard and the wrist rest should be about the same or as close to the same as you can possibly get.  Make sure that you get the right size wrist rest as well.  This will help ensure you get the best use of it.  And lastly look for a wrist rest that comes with a good warranty so that when it wears out or has a defect you can get it replaced easily.

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