Professional Services That Can Restore Your Hair’s Appearance and Health

As you get older, your hair can lose its thickness, shine, and natural health. Any number of factors can impair the look and feel of your hair. Everything like the diet that you eat to the medications that you take can cause it to fall out, become gray, and thin.

When you want to restore as much of your hair’s natural texture and look as possible, you can ask your hairdresser for his or her help. By going to a hair salon in Oak Street, Chicago, you can get hair that is healthier, thicker, and more beautiful.

Hot Oil Treatments

Under normal circumstances, heat is a natural enemy of your hair. It can cause the individual strands to break and fall out. It also causes fraying and split ends.

However, if your hair is already damaged, heat can actually work to restore its health and appearance. When you ask for help at a hair salon in Oak Street, Chicago, you can undergo hot oil treatments to repair your hair.

The hot oil puts vital moisture back into your hair. It also repairs damages to the surface of the hair strands, making them stronger and more likely to withstand being brushed, curled, and blown dry.

The hot oil treatment takes about an hour to undergo. However, its results can last for weeks.


When your hair is thinned because of aging, you want to make it look fuller. If it is all one length, it cannot hide its thin areas.

However, when you have it layered, you can hide areas where you have less hair. The layers lay on top of each other to build bulk.

You can find out more about professional hair salon services online. Contact George Charles Salon to schedule your consultation and appointment with a professional stylist.

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