Professional Carpet Cleaning in Oahu

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Oahu

Carpeting has been used to make homes warmer and more comfortable for thousands of years. The oldest known carpet to still be in existence is 2,000 years old, having been discovered in a Siberian tomb. While it is a decorating essential for many people and wonderfully comfortable under the feet, it can also be a great place for germs to take up residence.

It has been proven that carpets are able to accumulate several pounds of soil underneath them every year. They can harbor bed bugs, fleas and some virus strains will survive on them for up to a month. In order to eliminate these nasty critters, regular carpet cleaning is a necessity. Vacuuming is helpful, but after a while, it is just not enough.

It is obvious by the potential for pests and germs that any shampooing should be done correctly. In fact tests have shown that a properly (and regularly) cleaned carpet can make the air quality in a home better than a home without carpet because it can trap dust and allergens in its fibers and prevent them from recirculating into the air.

Carpet Cleaning in Oahu, when done by professionals, can make your home healthier, more beautiful and fresher smelling. This service is especially important if you have young children, pets or anyone residing in the home with allergies or asthma.

P.S. Carpet Cleaners is an example of a service offering Carpet Cleaning in Oahu. They clean any carpeting but also furniture and upholstery as well. They work in residential and commercial locations and are able to provide same day appointments.

They will work on customer’s schedules, either day or night, to avoid interrupting any schedules. Their employees are all well trained on the proper methods for cleaning any material and surface. They use only the most innovative equipment and their cleaning chemicals are safe for humans and pets.

They will spot treat stained areas, fully clean, extract and deodorized as needed for your space. They are guaranteed to arrive on time, work efficiently and perform their job professionally every time. You can contact them online at or on the phone. They provide estimates for their services.

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