Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service for Common Repair

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service for Common Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Service may range from simple tasks that you can do on your own to complicated tasks that can only be handled by a professional HVAC contractor. Most of these problems can be avoided if you can clean your air conditioning unit regularly. The air conditioning system can be more efficient at cooling if air conditioner grill and filters are cleaned regularly. There are some particles that can build up in the filters. These particles choke the ducts and make it run inefficiently. You can avoid such problems by cleaning the air filters regularly. Some of the major problems with air conditioners are:

Failure of the unit to turn on

There are simple steps you can follow to troubleshoot this problem. You should make sure that the furnace power is turned on as well as the outdoor condenser’s power switch. Ensure the power circuit is turned on by checking whether your electrical panel has a tripped breaker.

Condensation buildup

This is a major problem that is caused by a leaky tube or a broken condensate pump. You can only prevent this problem by replacing all leaky tubes. In some extreme cases, there is ice buildup caused by dirty filters.

Too much noise

Thermal expansion causes air conditioners to make popping sound. This pinging sound originates from ductwork. The noise may also be caused by air blowing past a loose flap inside the duct. In case the noise is persistent, call professional HVAC technicians for all Air Conditioning Repair Service.

No cold air

Sometime the air conditioning unit may have little or no cool air coming out. This problem can be caused by a dirty blower or inefficient air compressors. This problem can be resolved by replacing old air compressors.

For all your central air conditioning repairs, contact Eastside Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. The company has many years of experience in delivering quality Air Conditioning Repair Service. It is very important to install the right air conditioning system that is energy efficient in all climates.

You should contact professional for technical advice before installation. This will ensure that you have the right system suitable for your home.

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