Procedures Performed by Your Local Dentist Moorhead MN

Your local general Dentist Moorhead MN will cover the first line of defense against oral diseases. Although they are mainly engaged in preventive work and perform secondary tasks in restorative therapy, they are often able to produce a large number of procedures, including aesthetic. While general dentists usually receive higher education in their field, it does not necessarily result in actual time in an educational institution. Below are just a few of the procedures that your general dentist provides.


These are used for plugging damages of one or more teeth. Structural damage can be caused by tooth decay, wear or traumatic impact. After removal of the affected tooth’s dental tissue, one or more filling materials are placed. It may be gold, amalgam, composite rubber-based (white), or porcelain. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your dentist will discuss them with you to determine which one best suits your situation.


This is a term used to describe the process of using composite rubbers for a kind of “welding.” The material used will be adhered to the surface of the tooth for restorative purposes. Teeth that are chipped and/or cracked are usually treated with bonding. Composite material is close in appearance to the natural enamel surface, making it an ideal choice. Afterwards, it is shaped and polished, causing the chips or cracks to be invisible.

Root Canal Treatment

This type of therapy involves removing the infected pulp (inner tissue) of the root chamber. Purified antibacterial filling is put into the tooth and then covered with a crown for insulation. Doctors who specialize in Endodontics design complex treatments for root canals, while general dentists often perform reconstructive procedures. If you are suffering from dental pain, it could be a result of root canal issues. It is prudent that you seek dental care from your best local Dentist Moorhead MN immediately.


Bridges literally bridge any gap between teeth. They are made up of crowns on either side of the gap. This prosthesis is fixed with composite materials, which is fixed on the teeth that are on the edges of the bridge. Installing bridges involves a general, family, prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry. But again, you have to consider that the degree of the latest materials, technologies and knowledge may differ from each other.

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