Preschools in America

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Childcare

Preschools have been a formal part of society’s fabric since the 1960s, providing children from birth to age five with a superior education, social environment, and a jumpstart on their future learning experiences. However, while only 10% of children nationally were enrolled in some sort of preschool program in the 1960s, close to 70% are enrolled today. Why is this? The need for high-quality preschool programs expanded in the 21st century as more mothers returned to their careers after having a child. In this way, preschool offers parents the peace of mind of providing for their children in more ways than one.


Preschool has come a long way since their inception, and involve much more than slides and snack time. The building blocks used in preschool are not just made of wood or cardboard – they are used as stepping stones to a higher education. People searching for Preschool South Riding would find organizations that offer classes in sign language, Spanish, math, and reading. In addition, these programs provide children with the opportunity to get used to a “school” setting while also learning how to interact with their peers at a young age. This is especially important for those who do not have siblings or other young children to play with. For some, it is not just an education benefit, but a developmental and social one as well.

Some people may feel that preschool isn’t right for their child. Maybe they have the capability to educate and nurture him or her fulltime at home, or would rather wait to send their child to a formal elementary program as his or her first introduction to the school system. Maybe the benefits don’t outweigh the cost. Or perhaps they can’t find a program in their area that meets their expectations. However, preschool can also be a great option for those returning to work, hoping to give their child a leg up on his or her future education, or even someone looking for a facility to act as both daycare and learning environment. It is a personal choice, and one with results that are constantly being explored.

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