Preferable Features of Public Bathroom Toilet Partitions in Philadelphia PA

It’s acceptable for urinals in commercial buildings not to be separated by toilet partitions in Philadelphia PA. However, people expect toilets to be blocked from view from other stalls and from the rest of the room when in use. A partition is advantageous even when the room has no urinals and just one toilet, as it allows someone else to use the wash basin.

Public Bathrooms

Public bathrooms are found not only in business settings like stores and restaurants but in schools, libraries, hospitals and other institutional buildings. For some individuals, using a public bathroom is a very routine occurrence. For others, it’s something they would just as soon avoid, but cannot always do so. Building owners will want to help customers, workers and others who use the bathrooms feel as comfortable as possible. Size of the stalls and their design help a great deal in this regard.

When New Partitions Are Needed

New toilet partitions in Philadelphia PA may be needed when a commercial bathroom is being renovated or expanded. The addition of a new bathroom in an existing building also requires these products, and contractors working on new commercial construction must factor in bathroom partitions as well. The stalls must be large enough for people to easily fit in, and the doors should open easily and close securely with some type of locking device.

Minimal Gaps

People prefer partitions with minimal gaps at the hinged areas are the side where the door locks. Building owners and contractors should always request this since many of the products wind up having significant gaps that make people uncomfortable. They don’t like the idea of someone being able to see them inside a stall while that person is washing hands at the sink.

Placement of Doors When Not In Use

Contractors and building owners also can choose a system in which partition doors stay open or closed when not in use. Each of these designs has advantages and disadvantages they can consider. If they have questions, they may seek answers from a representative of a company such as Steel Doors Inc. when requesting a quote. Visit us online to get started.

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