Porcelain Veneers Through Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Richmond

Porcelain Veneers Through Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Richmond

teeth with whitening trayIf you’ve heard about dental veneers, then there’s a good chance you’re curious to know what they are. These are highly aesthetic and very innovative dental treatments dentists use to correct certain cosmetic issues. They are considered by many to be a revolutionary treatment that resolves dental problems quickly and easily, without the need to resort to more complex treatments, like implants or orthodontics. With veneers, you get the chance to improve your smile and it’s the perfect solution for both men and women. If you’re considered this type of treatment, consulting a cosmetic dentist in Richmond should be one of your first stops.

Porcelain veneers, which are thin slices of baked porcelain, are made in a dental laboratory. They are placed on the tooth’s surface to improve the shape, coloration or fractures in tooth. One veneer is placed on each tooth in order to treat an individual issue. This ensures that the results are completely natural and will satisfy the most demanding cosmetic dental patient.

Advantages of porcelain veneers

1. Its properties are not altered over time.
2. They do not need special maintenance over the long term, and they are very stable.
3. Veneers can maintain the color and brightness of a normal tooth, while, at the same time, staying intact.

Cases where porcelain veneers are recommended

1. Severe color alterations affect teeth and structure, like tetracycline stains will.
2. Restoring teeth with very old composites.
3. Disorders in the shape of a tooth, like large fractures, etc.
4. Patients with high aesthetic requirements.

Process of placing veneers

Three appointments are needed until the final placement of veneers. The first consultation consists of the molds being taken and the aesthetics being planned. The provisional resin for the veneers are made as well. The second consultation involves carving a minimum amount of the normal tooth out so the placement of the veneer can be possible. Final prints are taken and this data is sent to the laboratory (using CAD-CAM) for final analysis. The third and final appointment involves placing the veneer on the tooth.

There are plenty of ways to improve a smile. However, veneers have been used extensively, especially by music artists and actors. This is because the process works. For more information on this procedure, contact Making Beautiful Smiles today.

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