Popular Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most common forms of dentistry. Patients are always looking for convenient ways to enhance their look, smile and oral health. With a number of procedures available to choose from, there is no wonder the field has experienced such record growth. Cosmetic Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ commonly includes the following popular procedures: dentures, fillings, teeth whitening, orthodontics and teeth bonding.

Dentures are considered a long time staple for individuals looking for replacement options for severely damaged or missing teeth. They are available in permanent and semi-permanent options and offer patients a chance to improve their smile, comfort and overall oral health.


Fillings are a dental cosmetic procedure in Basking Ridge NJ that helps to repair broken or cracked teeth that have been worn or to treat a tooth that has a cavity. In past years, getting a filling meant having metal inserted into areas of your teeth that suffered from decay. However, in recent years, getting a filling means having your tooth filled with porcelain that looks just like your natural teeth. These materials not only look like your natural teeth but they also function in the same manner.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is by far the most popular of cosmetic dental procedures. Individuals who have stained teeth or just want a brighter smile can go to their dentist for treatment. This technique, also refereed to as bleaching, uses peroxide to help remove stains and increase the white presence on the tooth. There are a number of other methods used for this treatment option, speak with a dentist to see which method is best suited for you.


Orthodontic procedures are most often referred to as braces. These procedures help patients to achieve a more aligned smile, by manipulating the alignment of their teeth. Similar to fillings, this area of practice has achieved great enhancements, such as the introduction of invisible braces. With invisible braces, individuals receive the same benefit of traditional braces, but with minimal cosmetic discomforts because they are invisible.

Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding is one of the less known cosmetic procedures, but it is equally helpful. This procedure is most commonly performed on individuals who have a chipped tooth or want a better option than traditional fillings.

A dentist attaches a material, such as resins or porcelain to your teeth that offers a similar texture, look and function as your natural tooth. Visit the website at Bedminsterdental.com

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