Placement Tips for High End Audio Products

Placement Tips for High End Audio Products

Many people are not aware that where they place their loudspeakers can have a significant impact on their quality of sound. Instead of placing your speakers where they’d look best, it’s crucial to consider where they can achieve optimum sound. Consider these simple, but highly effective, speaker placement rules to optimize your home theater or stereo system setup.

Keep a Distance from Rear Walls

When it comes to high end audio products like loudspeakers, it’s best to keep them between 2 and 3 feet away from rear walls. This small distance from the audio equipment to the wall can sharpen the perceived image, while ensuring that the walls do not cause the bass to sound muddled. If you have the opposite problem and your bass is weak, move the speakers closer to the wall. However, speakers should not be placed in the corners of the room if possible.

Create an Equilateral Triangle

The ideal setup for loudspeakers is to create an equilateral triangle with two separate speakers at least 9 feet in distance from one another, with the listener placed at the apex. These speakers can be floor standing or bookshelf speakers, but should be securely installed to ensure that they are not in an area where they can fall or get knocked over. The tweeter should be about ear level to allow the listener the best ability to hear the sound clearly.

Options for Speaker Placement

There are many options for placement when it comes to high end audio products. However, there are some things that can ruin the quality of your speaker’s sound. For example, placing speakers inside furniture enclosures can reduce the quality of sound; however, speakers made to be installed in the wall are okay. Speakers should also be raised up off the floors using speaker stands, cones or spikes for maximum quality of sound.

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