Pet Vaccinations Are Important, Protect Your Pet in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, having your pet vaccinated helps to ensure the animal’s general health and prevents serious disease. Animal vaccines help to control disease, some of which can be transferred to humans. At the very top of the list of serious and transmittable disease is rabies. Because of laws that mandate rabies vaccinations, rarely is it seen in people. However, close to 60,000 people die every year in countries where such laws do not exist. Compare this to the US, where only two or three cases are reported annually. There are valid reasons you should arrange pet vaccinations:

  • Vaccinations prevent pet illnesses
  • Vaccinations help pet owners avoid costly treatments for preventable diseases
  • Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be transferred to humans
  • Many ordinances exist mandating certain vaccinations for domestic pets

Do Pet Vaccinations Guarantee Protection?

Vaccinating your pet is an effective way to prevent disease. Rarely will an animal that has been vaccinated not have sufficient immunity to avoid the disease. It is important that every pet owner adheres to the vaccination schedule they have been provided with by their veterinarian. In this way, there will be no gap in protection.

Puppies and Kittens Must Have a Series of Vaccinations

Young animals have yet to develop an effective immune system. As such, they are susceptible to infectious disease. They receive a certain amount of protection from their mother’s milk, but it is not long lasting.
The first dose of vaccine “primes” the immune system. Subsequent doses help to stimulate the immune system further to produce the antibodies that protect the animal from contacting an illness.

For optimum protection, a series of vaccinations are given. Usually, there is a three-week to four-week gap between doses. The final dose is usually given when the puppy or kitten has reached four months of age.

Pet vaccinations are extremely important. You are invited to take your pets to Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Chicago. For more information, visit Like us on our facebook page.

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