Pest Control Companies Can Deal With Any Type Of Rodent

Pest Control Companies Can Deal With Any Type Of Rodent

Finding that they have mice in Connecticut is a big headache for many homeowners. They may not have a lot of time to deal with the problem. However, if the rodents are running around during the daylight, many of the family members will take exception. Small mice, which might seem cute when kept as pets in a cage, engender a deep-seated revulsion when they are running around the kitchen or other areas of the home. Larger varieties of mice can be truly frightening. The common House Mouse and small field mice can be up to 4 inches in length, almost as long as your hand. This is not counting the length of the tail. The Norway Rat can be as long as 10 inches, in other words, as long as your foot. These types of rodents can carry diseases. They have also been known to inflict bite wounds on infants and small children. The good news is that if your home suffers from a rodent infestation, your local pest control company can deal with it, regardless of the type of rodent or the severity of the infestation.

Many homeowners, in areas where people have been known to experience problems with mice in Connecticut, would like to know early on when a rodent infestation has begun. In the initial stages of an infestation, the rodents are rarely seen. They are nocturnal animals and are not often seen by daylight. They tend to live behind cabinets, in walls, and under floorboards. Their access areas, the so-called mouse holes, are often very subtle and not easily recognizable. For this reason, many homeowners like to have regular inspections of their homes, to identify problems early, before they get to the point where there is a health or safety issue, or that family members are being terrorized by free-running mice.

The first step for your pest control company is inspection. Although one of your family members may have actually seen mice in CT and can give a description, it is a good idea for the professional pest control employee to inspect for all signs of infestation, and subsequently identify the particular rodents or other pests that may be present. At that point, they will be able to design a strategy to eradicate your pest problem.

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