Owners are responsible for injuries on their premises

Owners are responsible for injuries on their premises

Premises liability law in Atlanta are a series of laws that make the owner of any premise, be it a home or business, responsible for injuries that take place to visitors on the premises. In most cases the injuries will be caused by a slip or fall and although most are accidental, the owner of the premises where the accident occurred can still be held liable for any damages or injury.

The extent of the liability has a lot to do with the nature of the visitor and the cause of the injury. In most cases the law frowns on injuries or accidents that occurred when they could have been prevented. A simple case of not removing debris from a sidewalk which is on the premised can result in a lawsuit for damages.

In all forms of law there are two parties. In the case of premises liability law in Atlanta the owner is known in legal circles as the possessor. This term applies to any property owner, whether it is a private home or a facility such as store or restaurant which is open to the public. The people who may suffer injury are known as invitees, licensees or trespassers. An invitee is a person who comes on the premises with the intent of conducting business; these individuals are often customers of the store or restaurant. A licensee is someone who has been invited to the premises, there is no intent on conducting business, the third classification are trespassers, these are individuals who do not have permission to enter or be on the premises.

The owners of a business which is open to the public are held the most accountable by liability law. It is incumbent on the owner to provide a safe environment for customers. These owners are responsible for any and all injuries to their visitors regardless of whether they knew the hazard existed or not.

Homeowners must remain vigilant if they wish to protect themselves from the possibility of a liability suit. Any simple thing, perhaps ice on the sidewalk or a broken step can cause legal problems. If the homeowner is or was aware of the situation and failed to correct it and as a result there is an injury, they are liable.

Trespassers have no chance of seeking redress under the premises liability law in Atlanta. For trespassers to even consider suing they must convince the court the owner was aware of their presence when the injury happened.

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