Options for Beauty Salon Wallpaper in Boca Raton FL

Setting up a new salon or renovating an existing one is the ideal opportunity to be creative and make the space visually appealing. Selecting the right beauty salon wallpaper in Boca Raton FL is key to set a mood in each station. A beach mural, for example, in the waxing room will relax clients and remind them why they are getting that Brazilian bikini wax.

Reflect Personality

Beauticians typically have assigned chairs and work stations. Allowing them to choose the wallpaper or mural used to decorate their section will inspire them to do their best work. It will also reflect different personalities to help new customers decide on a hair stylist. The owner or manager can set a theme, such as florals, for a unified look or leave it up to each professional.

Other Sections

Common areas, such as the manicure corner or the display of products, can be decorated more specifically. An embossed pattern that has images of nail polishes and makeup is perfect for the manicure/pedicure chairs. The facial area can be separated with beauty salon wallpaper in Boca Raton FL that depicts botanical and fruits used in different masks and serums.

Salons that offer laser procedures, body sculpting, or tanning can browse through over fifteen-hundred wallpapers and murals available at the website to narrow down possibilities. Visit Atlanticwallpaper.com initially, and plan on visiting the six-thousand square-feet of showroom space to make a final decision. Products are sold by the square-foot to make wallpaper affordable and allow salons to use different patterns, colors, and textures.

Home Salons

Wallpaper is available in both twenty-seven-inch and fifty-four-inch widths to accommodate most any space. This is especially beneficial for those who open salons in their homes. Converting a basement or front room into a salon is easy and cost-effective in terms of decorations and wallpaper.

Whether owners seek out the help of professional interior designers, or decorate the space independently, unique examples of wallpaper, decor, and murals will result in a salon that stands out from the competition. Capture the eye, create a mood, and spark the imagination of clients to entice new clients to stop by and experience offered services.

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