On Your First Visit To Australia; How Do You Find Good Restaurants In Ipswich, Queensland?

On Your First Visit To Australia; How Do You Find Good Restaurants In Ipswich, Queensland?

Restaurants In IpswichAustralia is another example of two peoples with a common language but separated by cultural differences. When you first step off the plane at the start of your visit to Australia; it does not seem all that different from any other English speaking part of the world. You have no trouble getting a taxi and telling the driver to take you to your pre-booked hotel in the city (although, if the city was Perth; the driver might take you to the suburb of Hilton rather than the Hilton Hotel). But, you did not travel all the way to Australia to spend a few weeks cocooned in a luxury hotel that is not all that different from the same name hotel in your home city; you plan to get out and about and experience the real Australia.

When In Queensland

You have not totally discarded the familiar luxury hotel; so you spend your first night in a typical 5 star place in Brisbane while you plan the next few days. Your family origins were in Ipswich in England; so you think you ought to hire a car and drive the 40 km from Brisbane to visit the Ipswich in Queensland.

You are a bit surprised to find that several of the “name brand” hotels of the world are present in Ipswich and, at first sight; there does not seem to be much else to choose from. Then you realise that you have hit another of those language : culture clashes.  There are, in fact, quite a number of excellent places to spend the night at when in Ipswich; but, they do not call themselves hotels. These local character establishments will, usually, have been around for a number of years and originated as pubs and inns that provided rooms for overnight accommodation.

Finding Somewhere To Eat

Australia has a somewhat complex history when it comes to the consumption of alcohol (initially extremely cold, lager type beer; but, lately, more and more locally produced wine) and the laws that regulate its sale and consumption. It is this background that led to many drinking establishments calling themselves hotels; even though they did not provide accommodation. However, food and drink always go together; so, many of these establishments did serve food and the better ones developed into fine restaurants. This is why some of the best Restaurants In Ipswich are to be found in hotels; but not a hotel that you are going to spend the night at.

Looking for good Restaurants In Ipswich, Queensland? Try the historic Prince Alfred Hotel located at 170, Brisbane Road, Booval. Their Char’d Steakhouse and Plantations Restaurant are rated amongst the best in Queensland.

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