Nursing Homes in East Hanover NJ for the Best Custodial Care

Everyone ages to a point that you can no longer take care of yourself. At that point in time, the prospect of moving into a nursing home becomes real. The decision to move into a nursing home may be sudden especially in the aftermath of a crippling ailment or gradual. In the gradual case, it becomes more and more difficult to meet the special needs of senior citizens. There are many misconceptions surrounding that make it difficult for people to move their loved ones there. As such, it is vital that you get to learn all that you can about these institutions.

Nursing homes in East Hanover NJ – also known as convalescent homes provides custodial care. These homes offer the highest level of care for senior citizens outside of a hospital environment. Custodial care services include providing assistance during dressing, bathing and feeding as well as assistance when getting in and out of bed. A slight difference from other housing facilities for senior citizens since they provide a higher level of medical care. A competent and licensed physician supervises the care of each patient. A nurse is usually always on the premises. This means that your loved one gets access to top notch nursing care 24 hours a day. Apart from nurses, in East Hanover NJ also have physical and occupational therapists on call.

The presence of these medical professionals allows for the delivery of specialized medical therapies and procedures on site. This is not possible with other housing options. Nursing homes provide critical services for senior citizens despite the negative connotations attached to the ‘nursing home’ label. Some people still think that these facilities are for people who do not care for their families. However, with the pressures of modern living and smaller families living hundreds of miles apart, it may not be possible to look out for the sick and elderly members of the family.

The layout and ambience, varies from one place to another. For instance, there may be private rooms and shared rooms. Some homes may have private bathrooms and shared ones. Others may have a centralized dining area in addition to serving meals privately in the rooms. Traditionally, they have had a medical design and setup that greatly eases patient care. However, more and more homes are going with newer interior design models. Such homes feature smaller communities of senior citizens in the range of 10 to 30 persons, communal areas, private kitchens as well as staff continuity. This helps achieve a homely feel that most senior citizens find delight in.

The best nursing homes in East Hanover NJ offer nutritious and appetizing food. Any strong smell of urine or deodorizers that may be masking the smell of urine should raise the red flag.

They offers the best care for senior citizens who may require varying levels of custodial care. Please visit Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center for more information.

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