New York Dog Walking: Putting Your Trust on A Professional Dog Walker

New York Dog Walking: Putting Your Trust on A Professional Dog Walker

718_IMG_9573Are you aware that anyone can call themselves professional dog walkers just because there is a lack of policies and regulations in different states? It’s quite amazing to think that you need a license to be a manicurist but people need not have a license to become dog walkers. Well, there’s nothing much you can do about this except evaluate dog walkers properly.

Your dog is a member of the family and you cannot simply entrust his safety and well-being just like that. Evaluating a dog walker is like assessing a baby sitter or a nanny. You can never be too sure unless the person passes your evaluation with flying colors. So, how can you properly evaluate your dog walking candidates?

Steps to Hiring the Right Dog Walker

Whether you are hiring a dog walker you saw in an advertisement or you visited a pet hotel that offers New York Dog Walking services, the evaluation process is just the same. The first step is to ask if the dog walker has any certification that shows he has undergone proper training to manage and control dogs.

The second step is to inquire further about the business establishment. How long has it been in the business? How many dog walkers do they employ? Make sure they adhere to the leash laws in your city.

The third step is to ask about their training techniques in case a dog shows unwanted behavior during walks. Maintaining control of the dog’s behavior is very important to avoid conflicts with other dogs.

The last step is to know if the dog walker has insurance. A professional dog walker should have liability insurance. It will come in handy when an accident happens.

Things to Ponder On

New York dog walking isn’t really easy. The streets are always busy with people and the high dog population isn’t helping the foot traffic too. Thus, professional dog walkers should expect the unexpected during daily walks. The walking dogs can easily feel intimidated by all the people and fellow dogs that it may act differently and turn to an aggressive behavior.

Knowing this, you should be very thorough in choosing your dog walker. Ask him if you can observe his walking sessions to see if he is indeed what you are looking for. Any professional dog walker will be happy to let you join a walk or two.

784_kira11Don’t underestimate your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about a dog walker, look the other way despite the cheaper New York dog walking rates. You have to feel confident in the person you are entrusting your pet to for a couple of hours every week.

New York Tails offer dog walking services with a kind and considerate approach. You can be assured that your dog will get its much needed attention and care. Visit for more information.

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