Need Yard Debris Hauled Away? Call A Waste Management Company in Portland, OR

Need Yard Debris Hauled Away? Call A Waste Management Company in Portland, OR

Homeowners and businesses will appreciate how easy waste management in Portland OR is. During the autumn many property owners face the daunting task of cleaning up their leaves and property. Hiring a drop box makes this so much easier. Instead of fussing with plastic bags and containers. Homeowners can put all kinds of debris in it. When they are done, they simply call up the company and they come haul it away.

If there is a shed on the property or other small building that has outlived its usefulness, the same company is happy to demolish it and cart away the debris. If the homeowner has been holding on to an old Ford or Buick for parts, they may finally decide it’s time to junk it. Working with professionals makes it easier to keep a yard and home clean. Homeowners often think that they can do it themselves. However it is very difficult to move large pieces from their yard to the landfill.

First of all they have to get in on their truck. This can be difficult if they’re aren’t many young and strong people available. It’s also possible for these assistants to get hurt. If they don’t have health insurance, the homeowner’s insurance will have to cover the cost. They can count on a hefty premium increase if that happens. Then they have to drive to the landfill and hope that it doesn’t blow off their truck. It could hit another car or cause an accident if it lands in the road. That’s another lawsuit that could claim that the homeowner was negligent and therefore liable for damages.

It’s also expensive to dispose of large items at municipal landfills. So while it might seem cheaper in the beginning for a homeowner, in the end it saves time and money and minimizes liability, to have a professional cart way household and yard waste. Professionals also are aware of all of the laws surrounding solid waste disposal. Old sheds can contain hazardous materials that need to be handled legally. It’s also much faster. Therefore a homeowner can move on to creating a new garden where the old shed used to be.

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